Myles Sampson
H22 Shelter Design
Massachusetts Institute Technology & Helsingborg, Sweden
Year: 2022 Instructor: Myles Sampson, Larry Sass Students: Stephanie Li, Nicole Teichner, Nina Huttemann, Izzi Waitz, Seif Eses, & Erica Liu

This project is an experiment with the production of shelters for the H22 summer festival in Sweden sponsored by IKEA. The goal of the project is to develop an understanding of digital fabrication through the creation of artifacts. During the project, I acted as the liaison between the students and the instructor guididng students through Larry Sass’s system of planar modeling and fabrication. The project is an exhbition of three small sheters that calls users to reflect on the feeling of childhood excitement using three different modes of observation. The structures were fabricated with custom milled plywood and assembled using hand tools that leveraged each pieces interlocking features. All the structures designed by the students and faculty. My role in the project including assisting conceptual design processes, half-scale protoyping, and full-scale fabrication of the structures.