Myles Sampson
Modular Shipping Container House

Year: Ongoing Collaborators: Individual

In the rural south, accommodations for modern living need to be re-evaluated. With technological advances, the archetypal shotgun house with wood frame construction will not cut it. What formal typologies can improve the housing stock in the rural south? With sustainability in mind, the reuse of shipping containers and wood pallets can create new forms of housing for Athens, Georgia. Current trends in housing in Athens, Georgia, show that there are around 10,000 housing units with many of the houses being five-bedroom units with a value greater than 50,000 and less than 100,000. With cost in mind, the design looks to give consumers in the area the best price possible.

The use of shipping containers as the base design allows for various configurations for a flat rate. The use of shipping containers as a building module allows for sustainable communities to develop while achieving cost savings through economies of scale. The design of this modular house combines shipping containers, standard stud construction, wood pallet finishes, and CLT to create a new approach to the modular shipping container home design. The design proposal is an open two-story home with a convertible second level for additional programming. This preliminary study in the modular design of houses set the stage for the research in the MIT Design-X backed start-up Re: Stacks.