Myles Sampson
264 Lexington St.
Boston, MA
Year: 2020 Collaborators: May, Sampson

This project evaluates the feasibility of a new development at 264 Lexington St. in East Boston, MA. The project was the final deliverable for the Design, Development, and Practice Seminar at the MIT Center for Real Estate; the class introduced the concept of the architect as a developer. The project takes a worn-down two-story house and looks at opportunities to convert the house into a new condo development. Bound by zoning restrictions, the adjacent building butting the house’s west elevation, and a real-world budget, our design uses Boston’s quintessential triple-decker archetype to create three spaces for lease. A wood trellis wraps around the building to create a privacy enclosure, restricting views from neighbors while letting in greenery and light.