Myles Sampson
Hive Toy Set: Modular Fabrication
Tuskegee University
Year: 2019 Collaborators: Individual

This project employs minimum inventory, maximum diversity design strategies and additive & subtractive fabrication techniques to develop a proposal for a modular building kit. The building kit is to be used by 8 to 16-year-olds and can be assembled in multiple ways to simulate different environments with an emphasis on providing options for creative building experience, rapid installation, disassembling, and repackaging. The hive toy set is designed to expand on a equilateral hexagonal grid in all directions for kids to design and create their own buildings.

The building kit incorporates basic building elements, walls, windows, columns floors, and roofs, to engage in the user to create expansive enviroments. This prototype tested assembly for the building kit using an interlocking system for parts and pieces to slide in. Pieces within in the send slide and snap into place. With base grid pieces, one can use coluumns for the expansion and formation of the grid. Wall pieces inbetweeen the columns and the roof pieces snap in place above on columns and above the walls. Through the manipulation and arrangement of the pattern, children, and adults a like can configure various designs of their own hive.